Linking ONE

The First Self-Flying Drone You Can Buy

Not just a self-flying drone

drones para envios

Linking ONE is the bridge to your loved ones, a partner for your business, and a step towards a greener, more connected world.

Experience fast, sustainable, and accessible delivery, right at your fingertips.

Because distance should never keep us apart.

Only 100 limited-edition drones available


Sustainability is embedded in our identity

Each kilometer our drones cover saves an approximate 180 grams of CO2 emissions, epitomizing our pledge to greener modes of transportation.

Conceived with recycled materials where viable and designed to be recyclable itself.
Linking ONE is our answer to mindful consumption.

Be one of the first 100 users.
Share anything, anytime, anywhere.

Load your package, select the landing point, hit take-off, and watch as our autonomous drone delivers your package swiftly and safely. It’s as simple as that.

Become a Pioneer:

100 limited-edition units available

Be one of the few firsts to own a Linking ONE drone. You’ll have the unique opportunity to help us shape it.

As early adopters, your feedback and insights will be invaluable to us in our continuous product development.

Linking ONE

10 km in less than 10 min
Max Load Capacity:
Up to 5 litres or 1 kg packages
Max load size:
The size of A4 documents, a bottle of wine, bread loaf
In-app safety instructions provided
41 x 41 x 29 cm
ELRS compatible

Price: 4999 € (+ TVA)

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