Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. According to European (and US) regulations, drones can be flown recreationally in low-population density areas and within the visual line of sight. We recommend checking local regulations. The drone can be legally used in mountainous areas and lakes, where land travel might take longer than our drone’s flight.

Yes! Our system is user-friendly and guided by an intuitive mobile app. Anyone with a smartphone can fly it, and it operates fully autonomously without a pilot. And if you’re a drone company? You’re going to have the easiest-to-operate drone in your fleet.

No, the drone flies automatically using GPS for guidance. All you have to do is input a destination (or coordinates) in the mobile app. But, to allow more operational flexibility for the more advanced operators, we’ve made our system compatible with ExpressLRS (ELRS).

No, to preserve your privacy and that of everyone else, our drone does not have any cameras.

The drone is now available for purchase, but the first 100 units will be exclusively available for Spain from October 2023. Shortly after, we will launch sales worldwide. Don’t miss out, buy it now!

Absolutely! You can transport whatever you want – except magnets – as long as the load doesn’t exceed 1kg and fits within the designated space. You have a volume of 5 liters to play around with.

Land the drone in a clear 5m diameter area away from buildings, wires, and tall barriers. Our app lets you capture and save precise GPS coordinates with your drone, ensuring more accuracy than manually selecting on a map or using your phone location.

It’s super easy! Select your destination using GPS coordinates or a map point, then follow the app to launch. Add stops if needed. And just ensure you have a clear 5m diameter for landing space. For best accuracy, use the drone and app to capture and save GPS details for future flights.

Absolutely, you can download maps to operate even without an internet connection. One of the standout features of the Linking ONE is its ability to be your reliable messenger in areas without phone coverage!

Yes, you can pre-set a route and later on activate it with the physical button on the drone. This feature is perfect for consistent A-B routes between specific points. This user-friendly solution is a patented feature at Linking Drones, enabling anyone to operate the drone effortlessly, even without the app or internet.

Yes, you can set up one-way, round trips, or even multi-stop routes. For instance, if your grandmother needs medication, you can direct the drone to pick it up from your trusted pharmacy and then deliver it to her before returning home to you.

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