About us

​​Welcome to Linking Drones, the hub where innovative drone technology meets sustainable practices, fueling our drive to shape a connected and eco-friendly world.

Our mission extends beyond mere technology; we’re advocates for fostering profound human connections and architecting a collaborative economy that enriches everyone’s life.

We are a team of relentless engineers and visionaries with over 70 years of experience, who birthed Linking Drones with an ambitious goal – to democratize transportation and delivery by pioneering the world’s first autonomous, self-flying drone.

Our innovative technology is set to redefine industries and significantly enhance daily life for countless individuals across the globe.

At Linking Drones, we’re not just in the technology business; we’re in the business of nurturing relationships. Our aspiration is to craft meaningful interactions and fortify our communities through our groundbreaking inventions.

With a focus on empowerment and equitable opportunities, our products aim to instigate a cooperative future that echoes the virtues of fairness and mutual growth.

Our commitment remains unwavering to mitigating our ecological footprint and developing groundbreaking solutions that endorse a greener tomorrow.

Linking Drones is a place where dreams never cease, and innovation is a constant.

We tirelessly explore novel avenues to augment our offerings, enlighten our audience, and play an active role in manifesting a sustainable, brighter future.

Embark on this transformative journey with us, as we collectively strive to leave an indelible mark on the world.

Meet the Linking Drones family

Meet our international team of drone experts, dedicated to connecting people through sustainable drone delivery. With a shared vision, we work tirelessly to revolutionize the way goods are transported, making the world feel a little bit smaller and connected.

Simón Hancock linking drones


"It's great to be at the forefront of developing new technology that will open up the sky and create clutter-free and calmer living spaces."

Andres Martinez Linking drones


“The days when we look out the window and see a smart city, with less traffic, pollution and drones carrying our groceries, is not far in the future. It’s now.”

Alberto Nuñez Linking drones


"We’re enabling the third dimension – the sky – to people like you and me, for your own benefit and the benefit of society."

Cesar Serrano linking drones


"Our children will look at their mum and ask “how could people live without private drone delivery before?"

Our Partners

We’re proud to collaborate and work to revolutionize drone delivery with:
La nave
Pirineos Drone